Inner Talk

We're going to be doing a course to help you identify the things that you say to yourself. Sound simple? It's not!

Have you ever heard someone (not you) say, "I talked myself out of it!". That's what people say to themselves. We do this 1000's of times a day. But Inner Talk isn't just what you say to yourself, it goes far deeper than that. It explores the things that determine whether you're going to succeed or fail in something. It is so essential to our lives, that getting a handle on it can truly make a difference in our happiness.

We're going to be doing a course for not just Actors, but procrastinators, for the regular person out there who is sick and tired of letting himself down time and time and time again. If you've reached a certain age and have said to yourself (perhaps more than once), I thought I'd be further along by now, this course is for you.

Who this course is not right for: Some people love the the fun and games, the frivolity, they do anything to keep themselves numb to their own truth, they're not willing to be honest with themselves, admit past errors and forgive themselves, do the inner work, temporarily feel a little pain, to feel a lot better for a very long time. They've made a comfortable home for themselves in Denial...ville. They probably don't need this course.

If you're still reading, you're clearly not one of those. If you're ready for transformation because the alternative is more of the same, and you've just reached that place where more of the same simply won't do...not any more; We're gathering names at the moment. Please send us an e-mail to and we'll update with more information as we get closer to delivering supreme life-changing, applied course in a virtual setting that you can do right from your own home while benefiting from the minds of others who like you are feeling alone. You'll be part of a community helping each other and going through a course never before created.

  • Michael Franklin has been a student of human motivation for the past 30 years, initially as part of his study of characters as an Actor . In this course Michael will be taking the dialogue we serve ourselves, and breaking it down for each individual attendee, to explore the truth of what lies behind what we say to ourselves, in a safe, supported, applied setting, to help participants become the champion of their pursuits, in whatever endeavour that may be.

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