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Sanford Meisner

This site is dedicated to teaching Mr. Sanford Meisner's latest work.

They say that what distinguishes a true Actor from the rest is their commitment to their craft. Here we take actors' commitments seriously and focus on a strong work ethic.

Our aim is to turn out Thinking, Feeling, Sensing, Actors who are emotionally alive. Read our Mission Statement.

Our programs

Fundamentals weekly classes

The weekly meetups are the best way to start learning the Meisner technique. The class meets every Tuesday 7-9pm at Kingsgate Church in Kingston. Make sure you sign up to attend the class.

Next Level Classes

Next level classes include continuation classes in the Meisner Technique which are by invitation and dependent on your current stage in the technique. Scene study classes are also offered outside of Meisner Scene work for students who want to try their hand on scenes having developed their work in the fundamentals class. These happen every quarter, they are elective classes and include monologue work.

Private 1:1 coaching

Private 1:1 coaching is available by request. Contact the instructor to arrange a session.

What you'll develop

A heightened sense of awareness

What is behind the words you say on a daily basis when you communicate with others is no different than what is behind the words the character you are playing is saying. In the theatre we call this subtext. We help you develop your ability to read subtext and to portray it.

Personal and professional communication skills

They say communication is about Truth. How rooted you are to your own truth is often when you are at your most captivating as an individual. On stage or screen your portrayal of the truth is highly dependent on your awareness of truth when you are living your daily life. To excel as an actor you need to be a master communicator.

Emotional self-awareness and empathy

What does your body language betray about you when you are speaking a line? Are you tense when you're saying your line? Why are you tense? Is it because you're lying? Is it because you're insecure?

Emotional self-awareness is a great proponent of being believable as a communicator, whether you're on stage/screen or communicating in a real situation. Having that awareness will help you not do things physically with your body that lessens the power of your words.

About the instructor

Michael is an Award-Winning Actor and an Award Winning Film Director. He has a Higher Distinction in Body Language which features into much of the work he does with Professional Actors within exercises created by the late great Sanford Meisner.

He has appeared in many stage and screen productions including lead roles, supporting roles, as Co-star, Guest star, or Series Regular during his Acting career. He studied Meisner in the USA from 1991. His coach studied with Meisner in the mornings and would share Meisner's latest coaching in class in the afternoons. In addition to Meisner, Michael has studied other Acting techniques and with many coaches.

As well as his own classes, he has taught at different drama schools in the UK as well as professional acting groups. He was hired by Sky to work with the kids from Strictly High School.

What our students say

"The Meisner acting class changed the way I see emotional expression, it helped me with bringing characters to life in a different way. It also helped me with discovering new things about myself. I would truly recommend this class to anyone who might have some problems with expressing himself or just wants to get to know the Meisner acting technique."

Amalia F., London

"I had no acting experience or expectations when I joined Michael's class. Michael is one of the most supportive teachers you will ever meet and you will feel the growth within you every week. It took me a few lessons to understand the principle behind the Meisner technique but after that I was absolutely blown away. Beyond acting, I found a deeper benefit of taking Michael's classes - they helped me develop my emotional intelligence and self-awareness. These skills are critical to anyone in the 21st century and I've found myself growing my empathy dealing with people in everyday situations."

Nirish S., Kingston

"I've found a greater acceptance of my emotions here and more confidence in expressing them that I'm able to take with me to the 'outside world.' It's a very supportive atmosphere that is excellently guided."

Luke S. - Kingston

"The Meisner Technique class has enabled me to become much more aware of the emotions I feel and more open to express these emotions leading to more self-confidence in inter-personal relationships both at work and in my personal life. The course which is run very hands on in a practical manner encouraging students to learn and progress whilst also having fun."

Ian Y., Ewell

"The truth will set you free. The Meisner technique will help you access it - in yourself and in others - moment-to-moment, in your daily life. Michael is a highly skilled and attentive instructor, and will teach you to find that truth - whatever it may be for you."

Richard S. - Kingston

"Hi Michael - You've anticipated my communication, with thanks, to you & to say what fun it was (as well as informative).You made it all very clear. The consensus was very positive. We definitely want you back to carry on the good work while it is still 'warm' in our psyches!

Thanks again for yesterday - one of our best workshops!"

Ginny Stride (Actors Richmond Centre)

"The Meisner Technique class is a brilliant way to discover more about who you are. Whilst it has helped me grasp a deeper sense of self awareness it has also given me a better understanding of the acting world. I have become more confident in expressing myself and have enjoyed creating life-changing emotional moments with people outside of my usual circle."

Kerrie-Anne P. - Merton

"I truly believe if we are truly going to be the best we can be, then we have to get out of the way of ourselves first, as there is no greater enemy than the enemy within. This class enables you to unlock your potential and take it as far as it can go, through structured feedback and encouragment. This is the most productive acting class I have ever attended. If you are serious about acting or about becoming a professional then this class will help you achieve that."

Ross J. - Worcester Park

"I just wanted to say thank you for a great class last night. The technique is absolutely brilliant and it was fun working with your students. I was very impressed that 'the words that are said' are very much in the back seat of where the meaning comes from, and the class made this very clear through the exercises. The technique really exposes the root emotions and allows you the freedom to explore your own portrayal of emotion and the observation of it in others. Reading subtext from the person you are acting with, expressing it and reflecting it back really gives you freedom to act without thinking about 'acting'. I loved it. Thank you."

Ben H. - Film Maker - Worcester Park

"Michael's Classes have allowed me to grow so much, not just as an actor, but as a person. The skills I've learned are simple but essential to improving my craft and every class poses a new challenge."

Alice H. - West London

"This class gave me the possibility to get back in touch with acting after some years and it gave me that possibility with a sense of freshness and immediate connection to the other actors. It gave me a sense as if this is the most important tool for an actor: to be in immediate connection with the others and within himself. Thank you.."

Paolo C. - Teddington

"This class has helped me come to terms with what I am truly feeling, giving a name to each nuance of emotion while reconciling that with the physical reactions that come alongside those emotions, something I personally tend to overthink. It's helped me understand how my own body language is interpreted by other people, something that's useful in day to day life. Putting words to our thoughts about another persons reactions and emotions helps to access the underlying processes that happen when we interact with another human, and makes you give some thought to why you react subconsciously the way you do. I'm someone who's in the media industry as another kind of entertainer and came to this class interested in acting and seeing how the techniques used in acting can help inform my own work..."

Leah V. - South West London

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